Daily Archives: November 24, 2014

Required offer to purchase components of 3 million LED tube lamps

An alliance of a governmental and a holding company in Egypt has informed GIB with the following request to purchase components as specified below.

This is not a tender. So they don’t require bid bonds or any paperwork¬† more than your quote which should be detailed and PREFERABLY including shipping costs

Please send us your quote as soon as possible in order to decide about  this offer within one week. Monier@gib-egypt.com


We intend to use our products of glass tubes T8 , as we have a new horizontal glass tube drawing M/C which can produce all types of glass tubes starting from T5 , and it was delivered from an European supplier recently
We need your full cooperation to send us your valuable offer for the attached components and its spec. is also attached. (Please request from GIB Ltd)

C) The required suitable coating for the transparent glass tubes is also needed , as follows :-
1) M/C’s and tools used for coating and its capacity
2) Material components and its work instruction used for coating the mentioned glass tubes T8 (60 , 120 cm)
3) Glue material and the method for adhesion the Aluminum PCB with the coated glass tube.
4) Glue used for fixation the plastic bases with the glass tube.
5) The driver cover used to protect the driver from contact with PCB.