Purchase Helideck and Air Lighting

Company Name: GIB Egypt Ltd

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PROJECT: Revamping for the 3 helidecks .
Proposal Price:
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Electrical works :
Item Description Unit Quantity Unit price total price
4   supply the Perimeter lights green with alumina cabling LP, GLAND, FIXED flange ,50000HR time life                           Unit 69 0 0
5 supply the flood lights  xenon ,LP ,GLAND connectors 60000 HR time life                           Unit 18 0 0
6  supply the OBSTRUCTION LIGHTS red 120 pulse min                            Unit 9 0 0

* These quantities for each Helideck

®All materials and devices according to ICAO cap 437

Quantities in the table for the number one helideck only

Quantities of electricity discretionary account on the actual port

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