Lighting Solutions

LED Bulbs

and Filament collection of this year include  a variety of wattage.

LED Bulb Features:

1.Better heat elimination than aluminum body

2.High quality and high brightness
3.stylish and graceful
4.Free of UV or IR radiation
5.Various colors are available

6.Energy saving more than 80% compared with halogen lamp


Silver Light Tubes

Strong and sustainable tubes of more than 50,000 working hours provide highly efficient performance in challenging conditions.

T5 Tube Features:
1. High Effect
High-grade optical lenses,optical loss,good illumination, high-power transformers make the perfect combination of the lighting
2. Environmental friendly:
All LED bulb light does not contain mercury and other harmful substances, without UV, no flickering, eye protection, low-carbon, environmental friendly and healthy.
3. Energy saving :
The over lighting efficiency up to 100lm/w, superior optical properties, in the same light intensity, the 5w led light bulb equivalent to the 45w incandescent bulb, energy saving 80%
4. Long lifespan:
LED light bulb leading low attenuation, lifespan is 10 times more than ordinary fluorescent tube, without maintenance costs, more suitable for difficult replacement situations
5. High stability:
Wide voltage and rate input without stroboscopic, transient response without delay, frequent switching loss less to the light.
6. Good heat dissipation:
Aluminum housing assure outstanding heat dissipation and increase life time.

Elegance Candle Collection

Our Candles, standard and tear-shaped, are available for classic and high style lightening



GIB HELEOS is an innovative design that suits outdoor and challenging climate, especially in the Middle East. We pride ourselves for providing this new GIB innovation of LED lamps.

1- It contains 10 independent circuits which means it is second to impossible to lose the entire lamp if something wrong happened with electricity.
2- It includes 75 LED’s on the base of E27 which means it gives more than 1,600 Lumen for the smallest size (15w).
3- No blind spot! Its lighting is 360 degrees.
4- With two aluminium heat sinks and waterproof shell, this lamp is able to sustain the worst conditions without losing its efficiency.
6- Able to maintain a stable lumen for over 50,000 hours.
7- we have scales from 15 to 200 watt lamps.
8- Taiwanese manufacturing, Singapore and UK design.
Please find the full details of the design attached.

Lighting Solutions

We provide a variety of solutions that suit your demand. Our manufacturer is able to tailor the design according to your exact needs and our qualitative demands.


Solar Energy

PV panels and Systems

PV solutions have become a necessity in the face of energy shortage and environmental challenges. Our team of engineers with research degrees in the field and proper technical training are ready to help you optimise your PV system by offering you the best design and solution.

We are happy to give you a two-hour seminar on solar energy from both technical and economic perspectives.

We are also offering the most competitive prices in your territory for our PV products which are all manufactured in Europe. We pride ourselves to be a strong partner with one of the top European PV manufacturers. It is one of the 3 manufacturers in the world who are able to provide you with coloured panels that could put a touch of beauty on large scale spaces.

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