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GIB Solutions Available in Doha


The LED and solar energy solutions of GIB are now available in Doha after an agreement between GIB and Zircon Ltd has been signed. Today you can find our technical team and LED products in our new showroom in:

Barwa Village
Building # 4
Showroom # 22
Tel: 00974- 55502774
Fax: 00974 – 44689865



Production Contract with NEEASAE

Global Integrative Business is pleased to announce its successful deal to produce its own LED lighting brands in cooperation with the prominent Egyptian government manufacturer NEEASAE. GIB is committed to provide a world class (CE, ISO9001, UKAS certified) quality for Egyptian and North African markets, with an eye on European trade. The UK team of GIB congratulates its office in Cairo on its successful endeavours since winning the 1 m LED tender early this year. Mina M.


Purchase Request: Security and Fire Alarm systems


A private firm in Egypt announced a call to purchase security and fire alarm systems for this year. It requires 4 installments of systems. Each installment comprises the equipment shown in the table below.

It is required to send the following with your offer: a detailed price list for each component shown in the table. a catalogue showing specs and information on earlier experiences is a mandatory.

This call is open for 7 working days from this date. GIB is happy to help with the process of negotiations. If you are interested please email us:


Code No.
Description Unit Qty.
4.2.1 13850  Stand alone main fire alarm control panel (FACP) 1 loop No. 8
4.2.2 13850  Stand alone main fire alarm control panel (FACP) 2 loop No. 6
4.2.3 13850  Stand alone main fire alarm control panel (FACP) 4 loop No. 4
4.2.4 13850 addressable smoke detector No. 1500
4.2.5 13850 addressable heat detector No. 200
4.2.6 13850 addressable multi sensor detector(Heat & smoke) No. 100
13850 addressable manual call point No. 200
4.2.8 13850 bell 6 inch No. 200
4.2.9 13850 addressable control module No. 200
4.2.10 13850 addressable monitor module No. 200
4.2.11 13850 addressable siren indoor use No. 100

GIB Egypt to Start 2016 with Government Contract

2949575_85_zGlobal Integrative Business has received the new year with optimism and determination after winning a new government contract for one of its LED suppliers. The new contract secures the Egyptian stock of LED lighting with a new boost of energy saving bulbs as part of the national project (Tahia Masr).

GIB Egypt, the office of Global Integrative Business in Cairo, is poised to achieve the unique balance of quality and price to serve the needs of the booming market of energy-saving solutions to serve the best interest of Egypt’s electrical network.

Perhaps you are the next to join our efforts and to win with us a new contract!

GIB Egypt Ltd.

January 2016

LOGO symbol

Announcement to Purchase Thermal Solar Panels


An Egyptian private company in the field of renewable energy has informed GIB Egypt of its need to import 50 KW of thermal solar panels.

Panels of Chinese origin must show certificates of quality standards.

Used and new European panels are welcome.

Payment method is Letter of Credit to be arranged through an international bank. Terms of the letter are negotiable.

a Sample will be required.

Please contact us on Monier@GIB-EGYPT.COM

Required Local Partner for GIB in Kuwait



After a successful year of business in a Middle Eastern country (Egypt), the board of Global Integrative Business, a London-based service that aims to discover and highlight business opportunities in several countries with high business potential, has decided to extend its service in that region. Amongst the prioritised countries we are targeting is Kuwait.
Our part of this business is using our large consortium of companies in different fields of business to draw the best offers that could be found all over the world through our large offices in London. When a tender is issued in a Middle Eastern country, a local partner with the ability to provide legal representation access to the tender documents as well as submitting offers is needed on the ground. This partner is also expected to provide business opportunities from both public and private sectors.
We believe that we can together close many successful deals in Kuwait’s booming market of electrical technologies and renewable energy sources if we can set up a business partnership. Through this partnership we will offer our international services which include best possible quotes in terms of price and quality and you will resource the relevant tenders as well as the legal representation in the process for a shared commission.
If you are interested, please let me know and we can discuss further details.
Please contact us on

Required offer to purchase components of 3 million LED tube lamps

An alliance of a governmental and a holding company in Egypt has informed GIB with the following request to purchase components as specified below.

This is not a tender. So they don’t require bid bonds or any paperwork  more than your quote which should be detailed and PREFERABLY including shipping costs

Please send us your quote as soon as possible in order to decide about  this offer within one week.


We intend to use our products of glass tubes T8 , as we have a new horizontal glass tube drawing M/C which can produce all types of glass tubes starting from T5 , and it was delivered from an European supplier recently
We need your full cooperation to send us your valuable offer for the attached components and its spec. is also attached. (Please request from GIB Ltd)

C) The required suitable coating for the transparent glass tubes is also needed , as follows :-
1) M/C’s and tools used for coating and its capacity
2) Material components and its work instruction used for coating the mentioned glass tubes T8 (60 , 120 cm)
3) Glue material and the method for adhesion the Aluminum PCB with the coated glass tube.
4) Glue used for fixation the plastic bases with the glass tube.
5) The driver cover used to protect the driver from contact with PCB.

Announcement: 2.5m and 3m LED tenders soon

an alliance of a governmental authority and a holding company in Egypt are said to announce a series of tenders to purchase LED bulbs in the next couple of months.

The first tender is expected to be a purchase of 2.5 million LED bulbs between 6 and 9 watt E27 base.

The second tender is expected to be a purchase of the components of 3 million LED tubes (2 million pcs 120 cm + one million pcs 60 cm).

Due to the pressing need to provide LED bulbs all over Egypt to face the annual energy crisis during summer, these tenders are expected to be announced with a relatively short timeframe. We strongly advise you to prepare your quote, catalogues, paperwork and to register with us in order to be amongst the first to be informed about its details.

UPDATE: GIB LTD has received a detailed description of the required components for the 3m bulbs to be produced.

please contact us for details package

Egyptian tenders are governed by law no. 89/1998 and its amendments in 2013 and 2014. We are happy to provide you with an official translation as part of our package of what you need and how to win a tender in Egypt.

Due to the pressure of requests, we will not contct you unless you register and express your interest. Please register as soon as possible.


Egyptian businesses to offer projects to global partners at summit

Euromoney Egypt

Euromoney Egypt

Ahram Online

Egypt’s private sector will present projects at an economic summit in February in the hopes of attracting international partners, said Ashraf Salman, minister of investments, at the Euromoney conference in Cairo on Tuesday.

In addition to finding international partners, Salman said the Egyptian Economic Summit also aims to demonstrate that the government has an economic vision.

Following the election of President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi in June, Saudi Arabia, Egypt’s ally, called for a donor’s conference to help boost the country’s economy – hit hard by three years of political turmoil.

Hany Kadry Demian, Egypt’s finance minister, said in a statement earlier this week that the government plans to ask the IMF for an economic assessment ahead of the conference in hopes that it will be in Egypt’s favour.

A successful summit could help Egypt achieve its targeted foreign direct investments (FDI) of $10 billion by next year.

According to Salman, Egypt will need private sector investments of LE260-LE336 billion if it is to achieve its growth target of 3.5 percent by the end of the current fiscal year.