Required Local Partner for GIB in Kuwait



After a successful year of business in a Middle Eastern country (Egypt), the board of Global Integrative Business, a London-based service that aims to discover and highlight business opportunities in several countries with high business potential, has decided to extend its service in that region. Amongst the prioritised countries we are targeting is Kuwait.
Our part of this business is using our large consortium of companies in different fields of business to draw the best offers that could be found all over the world through our large offices in London. When a tender is issued in a Middle Eastern country, a local partner with the ability to provide legal representation access to the tender documents as well as submitting offers is needed on the ground. This partner is also expected to provide business opportunities from both public and private sectors.
We believe that we can together close many successful deals in Kuwait’s booming market of electrical technologies and renewable energy sources if we can set up a business partnership. Through this partnership we will offer our international services which include best possible quotes in terms of price and quality and you will resource the relevant tenders as well as the legal representation in the process for a shared commission.
If you are interested, please let me know and we can discuss further details.
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